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Hand Carved Eggs by Master Egg Sculptor Alan W. Rabon

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    Chicken egg carving has been around for thousands of years. The art form originated in China where artisans would chip or file away minute pieces of eggshell until a very delicate image was revealed in the shell. Such art was not common in that day and only a few artists were able to create the egg carvings. This type of egg carving was very rare and was reserved for the Chinese emperors. Sadly, due to the fragile nature of egg carvings none survived over the thousands of years they were created. All we have left is a visual record of the chicken egg carving art form in ancient paintings from China.


  Today, chicken egg carvings are only part of what an egg artist creates. Internationally renowned Master Eggshell Carver, Alan W. Rabon, has been creating chicken egg carvings for over 10 years. Completely self taught, Alan’s chicken egg carvings have been seen in many countries around the world, most recently in Hong Kong, China where he was honored as the Artist in Residence. It takes Alan just minutes to carve a delicate rose with leaf petals. Other more complicated images must be drawn out before he can create the egg carving, such as an imperial dragon he carved for the people in Hong Kong during one of his egg carving demonstrations.

Chicken egg carvings or egg carvings are only one way to create fanciful art in the surface of an eggshell. Most chicken egg carvings are in white chicken eggshells. The negative space created by removing small sections of the shell, reveal designs, patterns or images. In this way, an egg artist can create the most intricate and detailed images that you can possibly imagine in an egg carving. Brown hen eggs are perfect for etching images like the ones Alan created for the White House permanent Easter Egg Collection as well as the Official Commemorative Easter Egg for First Lady Laura Bush.