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GREAT EGGSpectations Studio

Hand Carved Eggs by Master Egg Sculptor Alan W. Rabon

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"Mona Lisa" - Emu Egg Carving
Mona Lisa Emu Egg


"Hummingbird and Flower" - Emu Egg Carving
"Ivy All Over" - Emu Egg Carving

"Dolphins In Moonlight" - Emu Egg Carving

"Green Fairy" - Emu Egg Carving

 "Water Fairy" - Emu Egg Carving
"Portrait" - Emu Egg Carving
Portrait Emu Egg (Can be done with any picture.)

$175.00 per person

"Pet Portrait" - Emu Egg Carving

"Chief Illini (University of Illinois) - Emu Egg Carving
Chief Illini (University of Illinois) Emu Egg

"Carolina Panthers" - Emu Egg Carving

  Emu egg carvings are intricate egg designs that are created by gently removing one layer of the eggshell at a time to reveal different colors. The layers of an emu egg are dark green, light green and white. With practice, an eggshell artist can create almost any image in the surface of an emu eggshell.


  Emu egg carvings are fairly new due to eggshell art due to unlimited access to the eggshells that were once considered very rare and hard to find in this country. Today, the emu egg can be purchased quite easily from emu farms all over the United States. There are literally hundreds of people who create eggshell art with emu eggs. However, there are only a handful of eggshell artists in the United States that create imagery from cutting away layers of the emu egg.  Internationally renowned Master Eggshell Sculptor/Carver, Alan W. Rabon, has been carving in emu eggshells and creating eggshell art for over ten years. During that time he has carved the faces of some important people in emu eggshells. Some characters include Steve Jobs, the Prime Minister of Hong Kong and noted celebrities in China. Alan has even carved the image of the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci. Alan says, “Almost any image can be duplicated in emu egg carvings. I carved a portrait of my mother from a picture after she died. Pets are also fairly easy to carve into emu egg carvings.


  “Creating an image in relief in emu egg carvings is very difficult.” Alan says, “The image is both translated into basic colors and sculpted in reverse from dark to light in the egg shell.” Of all eggshell art, Alan considers this the most difficult for the egg artist must create the image in reverse in his mind before moving on to the actual eggshell art.

There are limitless possibilities in emu eggshell carvings. The artist is only limited by his imagination. Patrons have commissioned eggshell art of their cars, motorcycles, homes and famous buildings. Not every image is compatible with emu eggshell carvings but it never hurts to ask.