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Hand Carved Eggs by Master Egg Sculptor Alan W. Rabon

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"Hospitality Pineapple" - Ostrich Eggshell Scultpture        
"Flying Eagle" - Ostrich Eggshell Scultpture

"Hospitality Pineapple" - Ostrich Eggshell Scultpture

"Hummingbird and Roses" - Ostrich Eggshell Scultpture

"Cake Topper Scroll Work" - Ostrich Eggshell Scultpture

   Most people have never seen a carved ostrich egg in their life. However, the art of carving eggs has been around for thousands of years, originating in China. Though the methods of creating an ostrich egg carving have changed over the years, those who have practiced this art are as rare as the art form itself. In modern day ostrich egg carvings we see a level of sophistication unparalleled in the history of the art form due to the technology that is now available. Using the Power Carver, artists are able to create very intricate detail in ostrich egg sculptures that are done in relief.


    Internationally renowned eggshell artist, Alan W. Rabon, creates some of the most detailed and vivid imagery that can be found in ostrich egg sculptures. Alan states, “There are just a handful of eggshell artists in the world that can create an ostrich egg carving. It takes years to Master the tools and techniques to create a carved ostrich egg.” Alan admits that the first eggshell he tried to carve was an ostrich egg. At the time he carved the ostrich egg he had no idea people were carving other types of eggs as well. “My first carved ostrich egg was an egret in the swamp grass with and oak tree and hanging moss” Alan says. “I didn’t know how hard it was going to be because I had never created an ostrich egg sculpture before.”


    Since then Alan has gone on to create other ostrich egg sculptures that include a Persian themed gazebo for a wedding cake topper, a screaming eagle with talons ready to capture its prey and a hummingbird with daffodils among others. Ostrich egg sculptures are the most difficult to carve because of the time and energy it takes to complete a single egg. Most ostrich egg sculptures takes days, weeks or months to complete depending on the intricacy of the detail and the design work involved. A carved ostrich egg is a piece of art that requires the artist to rethink how he creates a carving due to the curvature of the shell.