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GREAT EGGSpectations Studio

Hand Carved Eggs by Master Egg Sculptor Alan W. Rabon

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Welcome to the exciting world of hand carved eggshells! Within the pages of this website you will see amazing eggshell sculptures and carvings from internationally known Master Eggshell Carver/Sculptor, Alan W. Rabon. These rare and delicate works of art reflect the knowledge and skill needed to create such unique eggshell art. No two egg sculptures can ever be exactly alike because they are all “hand carved” by Alan. Within these pages you will find ostrich, emu, rhea, goose, duck, chicken and tiny pharaoh quail eggs that have been “hand carved” using a high speed dental type drill by Alan.

We welcome you to share pics from this website with your friends and family. There are no restrictions from sharing them. Please “LIKE” us on Facebook and you will see the newest and most fascinating eggshell sculptures and carvings that Alan is working on.

Eggshell art makes wonderful gifts for anyone that appreciates real works of art that are “hand carved” by a master artisan. Everyone has that one person in their family that is hard to buy for. May I suggest a unique eggshell sculpture that they will treasure for years to come.  These delicate treasures are wonderful heirloom pieces that will be appreciated from generation to generation.

“Thank you for taking the time to view my eggshell art. I know your time is valuable. It is always nice to know one’s art work is appreciated.” – Alan W. Rabon

Egg Carvings, and Egg Sculputers
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Although there are a few egg sculptors in the United States there are only a handful that sell their artwork to the general public. Alan Rabon has tried to make sure his eggs are affordable to everyone that wants them. Starting at $15 with quail eggs prices increase with the size of the egg and the difficulty of carving it.



You will only find the highest quality eggshell sculptures from the collections of Great EGGSpectations Studio. Every eggshell sculpture and carving is "hand carved" by Master Eggshell Artist Alan W. Rabon. No two are ever exactly alike making each eggshell truly unique.
GREAT EGGSpectations Studio
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